Posted on: July 1, 2009 8:58 pm

This little thing called a salary cap

Day one free agency has shown some of the dumbest moves cap wise in the NHL.

  • Start with Hossa, he will be 42 whent that contract is up, and it is front loaded. For one we'd think they'd learn after last year with that Brian Campbell and Cristobal Heut deals. Now, not only do they have those deals to worry about, but now Hossa. Great timing with guys like Toews, Kane, and some other young guys reaching contract years. No way they can all of them because they overpaid for a defenseman with flaws they obviously looked past, a backup goalie, and a guy who disappears in big games.
  • Now we move to Montreal. Not only some bad contracts, but I wonder if this team will even be as good as last year. They wan to get faster so they go out and overpay for...Hal Gill? Then going off and geting Scott Gomez and that huge contract
  • Then there's the New York Rangers. Someone should tell them this isn't baseball. $7.5 MM for Marion Gaborik? You'd think they'd learn from overpaying for guys who aren't even worth it. They traded Scott Gomez because of his contract and now they want to get rid of Redden and Drury?
  • Finally the Flyers. No not cap management. This team made that trade mostly to slow down the Penguins. That is a terrible way to run a team, get rid of virtually three 1st rounders and a quality player to slow down one team? Seems like they keep trading scoring for goons. Not to mention that Briere cap.

Thank god for Ray Shero.

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Posted on: April 2, 2009 6:28 pm

Steelers mock drafts

You guys should be relocated here. If you guys want to post some go for it. 

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Posted on: November 10, 2008 4:07 pm

Why I hate Notre Dame.

I completely cannot stand Notre Dame. They don't play in a conference, take advantage of playing lousy teams, lose when they play a decent team, and somehow get to always be on National TV. They haven't beaten a good team in awhile now and it's evident since they haven't won a bowl since 1994.
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Posted on: October 23, 2008 6:30 pm

The Ray Lewis school of dance and idiocy

I looked up Ray Lewis, Bart Scott, and Terrell Suggs and 90% of their pictures of them dancing after a play. When they play all they do is show clips of Ray Lewis it's him dancing and alot of times it's after a play where he jumped on a pile after an 8 yard gain and then he thinks he got a sack. Now for the idiocy, besides being an ultimate role model for raping a women, he tries to hurt Mendenhall and apperantly that attitude has rubbed off. "There will be something in store for Ward." Really, wasn't there something in store for him the last 4 times they played and Hines still dominated them? IDIOTS!
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Posted on: October 8, 2008 10:07 pm

Steelers Draft Board

This is just relocated from our group. Here's what we have so far, I am just copy and pasting so there will probably be duplicates.

Alex Mack, Center, California

Andre Smith- LT, Alabama (Junior)

Terrance Cody- DT- Alabama (Junior)

Michael Oher- LT Mississippi

Drew Willy- QB Buffalo

Donald Brown- RB UConn (Junior)

Eric Kettani- FB Naval Academy

Mike Mickens- DB Cincinatti

Eugene Monroe OT Virginia

Alex Boone OT Ohio St

Jeff Byers OG - USC

Kraig Urbik OG Wisconsin

Phil Longholt - OT Oklahoma

Fili Moala - DT USC

Michael Johnson DE - Georgia Tech

Tyson Jackson DE - LSU

Matt Shaugnessy DE - Wisconsin

Vontae Davis CB Illinios

Darius Butler CB - uconn

A.Q. Shipley-center-PSU

Fili Moala - DT, USC

Al Woods - DT, LSU

DeMarcus Granger - DT, Oklahoma

Terrence Taylor - DT, Michigan

Sen'Derrick Marks - DT, Auburn

George Selvie - DE, USF

Tyson Jackson - DE, LSU

Michael Johnson - DE, Georgia Tech

Greg Middleton - DE, Indiana

Greg Hardy - DE, Ole Miss

Maurice Evans - DE, Penn State

Vance Walker - DT, Georgia Tech

Ricky Jean Francois - DT, LSU

Geno Atkins - DT, Georgia

Terrence Cody - DT, Alabama

Auston English - DE, Oklahoma

Brian Orakpo - DE, Texas

Gerald McCoy - DT, Oklahoma

George Hypolite - DT, Colorado

Terril Byrd - DT, Cincinnati

Everson Griffen - DE, USC

Matt Shaughnessy - DE, Wisconsin

Ron Brace - DT, Boston College

Ricky Sapp - DE, Clemson

Will Davis - DE, Illinois

Antonio Coleman - DE, Auburn

Nick Reed - DE, Oregon

Mitch King - DT, Iowa

Lawrence Wilson - DE, Ohio State

Matt Shaughnessy - DE, Wisconsin

Vince Oghobaase - DT, Duke

Arthur Jones - DT, Syracuse

Larod Stephens-Howlings-RB, Pitt

Dominique Johnson-CB Jackson State

Ramses Barden-WR Cal Poly

Jaison Williams-WR Oregon

Derek Williams-WR PSU

Brandon Ore-RB West Liberty State

Rashard Jennings-RB Liberty

Conridge Collins-FB Pitt

Mitch King-DE, Iowa

Louis Delmas-Safety

 Mike Reily-QB, Central Washington

Keenan Lewis, CB, Oregon State

Jason Watkins, OT, Florida

Scott McKillop, LB, Pitt

Demonte Bolden, DT, Tennessee

Andrew Gardner, OT, Georgia Tech

Eric Vandenheuvel, OT, Wisconsin

Will Johnson, DT, Michigan

Paul Fanaika, OG, Arizona State

Derek Pegues, S, Mississippi St.


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Posted on: October 6, 2008 7:48 pm

Reggie Bush is NOT a superstar

Reggie Bush is still living off his college reputation as a superstar. Bush hasn't lived up up to those heavy expectations put on him. Sure he's made some nice plays but hasn't been consistent really, well, at all. He will take a punt back or a swing to the endzone every once in awhile but he can't run inside and he could not handle the load all by himself. I gurantee if he didn't do as well as he did in 2005 he would not be getting this hype.

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Posted on: September 25, 2008 6:28 pm

Week 4 picks

Browns over Bengals: The toilet bowl, just flip a coin. even though I would love for the Browns to lose to rub it in those fans faces after running their yap in the offseason so much. Gym_Brown will be exiled forever. The Bengals look not bad vs the Giants

Panthers over Falcons: Panthers are a good team and Atlanta looks like a ood team down the road, but not yet.

Titans over Vikings: The Vikings could win this making that QB situation a little more managable.

Broncos over Chiefs: I think Herm Edwards is playing musical chairs.

Saints over 49ers: I wanted to pick the 49ers but not this week. Shootout.

Cardinals over Jets: The Cardinals are good, even though someone predicted Leinart would be a bust, and we can finally realize that the Jets being a contender was just more ESPN hot-air.

Texans over Jaguars: Upset here, the jags are so close to being 0-3 and that Texan defense line will terrorize that Jaguars offensive line,

Chargers over Raiders: Ones good, one sucks

Bills over Rams: Can you say #1 pick in St. Louis?

Cowboys over Redskins: I would love for the upset but it won't happen.

Eagles over Bears: The Eagles are a great team, the Bears? Meehh

Steelers over Ravens: The line wants a vengence, Flacco is going against Lebeau, and Mendenhall actually will have more success then Parker would have because Parker does nothing against this defense but power runners do.

Lock: Bills over Rams. Lock Record: 1-2

Surprise: The Texans play an emotional game anf come away with a big win. I liked this team before he season and still do.

Don't be shocked if: The Vikings pull an upset over the Titans

Week 3 Record: 9-7

Season Record: 28-19

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Posted on: September 20, 2008 10:28 pm

Poker with drinking men, my new specialty

So I'm at a neighborhood block party Saturday, During the afternoon and into the evening it was just hanging out with friends, eating, etc. Into the night, I was one of about 10 people left so me and four of the men get a game of Texas Hold'Em going. While we are playing, there is wine being passed between our table and the "moms" table and maybe the alcohol worked in my favor because I ended up beating them and winning $50, $40 if you don't count my $10. Don't worry I drink any, unless my Diet Pepsi was tainted. I guess playing poker with drinking men is my new talent
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