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This little thing called a salary cap

Posted on: July 1, 2009 8:58 pm

Day one free agency has shown some of the dumbest moves cap wise in the NHL.

  • Start with Hossa, he will be 42 whent that contract is up, and it is front loaded. For one we'd think they'd learn after last year with that Brian Campbell and Cristobal Heut deals. Now, not only do they have those deals to worry about, but now Hossa. Great timing with guys like Toews, Kane, and some other young guys reaching contract years. No way they can all of them because they overpaid for a defenseman with flaws they obviously looked past, a backup goalie, and a guy who disappears in big games.
  • Now we move to Montreal. Not only some bad contracts, but I wonder if this team will even be as good as last year. They wan to get faster so they go out and overpay for...Hal Gill? Then going off and geting Scott Gomez and that huge contract
  • Then there's the New York Rangers. Someone should tell them this isn't baseball. $7.5 MM for Marion Gaborik? You'd think they'd learn from overpaying for guys who aren't even worth it. They traded Scott Gomez because of his contract and now they want to get rid of Redden and Drury?
  • Finally the Flyers. No not cap management. This team made that trade mostly to slow down the Penguins. That is a terrible way to run a team, get rid of virtually three 1st rounders and a quality player to slow down one team? Seems like they keep trading scoring for goons. Not to mention that Briere cap.

Thank god for Ray Shero.

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Posted on: July 6, 2009 11:48 pm

This little thing called a salary cap

Ultimately the best move Shero made was failing to sign Hossa last off season.  With the limited upward move of the salary cap, the Pens would have never been able to keep the players they have, much less made the in season moves they made.  I gotta believe Ray was trying to sign Hossa with one eye towards moving Staal for some prospects or the ever popular "future considerations."  Since the ill-fated Hossa offer of last year, Shero has been spot on with his player personnel selections.  Bringing back Bill Guerin and Fedotenko is absolutely amazing. Sure, losing Scuderi was a downer, as he appeared to be channeling the greatest defensemen of all time in the Finals this year, but you kinda knew there was no way to keep him and even remotely have a chance of re-signing anyone else.

Time will tell and they may need some trade deadline magic again this year, but I believe that unlike the insanity of the Rangers and the Habs and the increased thuggery of the Flyers, by returning 95% of the team, the Pens, not the Blackhawks or Detroit are the team to beat.

Barring some funny bounces of the puck or successful inadvertent knee to knee hits by Ovechkin, The Pens will carry the cup again next year, and Ray Shero's management will be a major reason of why.

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Posted on: July 6, 2009 7:09 pm

This little thing called a salary cap

Glad to see someone else thought the Flyers were idiots for the deal they made for Pronger.  It seems, that most things I've been reading, have viewed it as a favorable move for the team, but strikes me as if the front office of Philly are trying to play Fantasy Hockey with that move.  With everything they gave up, unless Pronger is going to make them a prime contender, it's really hard to justify that move, and personally, I don't feel his acquisition does anything for them.

Then again, being a Penguins fan, I thought it may be a bit of bias on my part, but seeing the same opinion echoed, is nice.

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